Start Racing

If you've thought about starting racing but need a little advice and help to get started, the information below outlines the steps you need to follow to get you on the grid. If you have any further questions or need any further advice please contact us and we will be happy to talk you through it. Our contact details can be found on the 'Contact Us' page. 

Where do I start?
In order to get out on track you will need:
- A Race Licence
- A Race Car
- Personal Safety Equipment
- Club Membership/Registration

Race Licence
Obtaining a race licence is both fun and straightforward. Simply visit the MSA website and purchase a ‘Go Racing’ pack for £95. This will contain an application form (1st years licence fee included), a CD version of the MSA yearbook, otherwise known as the ‘Blue Book’. This is your bible when it comes to the mandatory safety requirements of preparing yourself and your car and an instructional DVD. You will then need to take a medical, book an ‘ARDS’ course (at a race circuit of your choice to take a theory and practical and then send off for your licence. Your first racing licence will be a National B which is fine for all CSCC UK rounds.

Race Car
Your choice of car is a very personal one and is likely to come down to budget, what you may already own or what you are interested in. Most choose to buy their car outright or share the car with a friend (halving the costs), but you can also rent a racing car on a race by race basis from a number of teams and preparers that race with the CSCC. Take a look at our different series and their simple regulations to see where a particular car may fit in. An existing race car is usually the cheapest way of starting out. Contact the CSCC club office who may be able to advise you of a cars suitability and eligibility and join the club to receive the club newsletters that often contain cars for sale.

In order to pass scrutineering, your car will need to comply with certain mandatory safety requirements (these can be found in more detail within the ‘Blue Book’) but as a minimum will include:
- Roll Cage
- Race Seat
- Harness
- Fire Extinguisher
- Electrical Cut Off
- Rain Light
- Towing Loops

In addition to the above, as a Novice you will require a Novice Cross to be displayed on the rear of your car and a Transponder, to time your laps. After this it is generally accepted that improvements to the brakes, suspension, cooling, tyres and most importantly the driver’s skills (!) should come before increasing power.

Personal Safety Equipment
In addition to your cars safety equipment you must also invest in suitable fire proof clothing, again the MSA Blue Book is your guide here. As a minimum you require FIA fireproof overalls, gloves, boots, a suitable MSA Helmet and a Frontal Head Restraint (FHR’s are mandatory for cars newer than 1977). It is also recommended that you also consider fireproof underwear. The CSCC has a discount directory which is sent to members, helping them to save money on equipment. Once bought, many of these items will last many years if well looked after.

Club Membership/Registration
You will need to become a member of the CSCC in order to race with us. Club membership is just £39 and lasts for 12 months from when you join. Once you have decided which series you wish to race within, you will need to register your car for that series. Series registration is £99 and covers the car for the season. Membership/Registration forms are available within ‘Join the CSCC’.

How much will it cost?
Well, Motor Racing is never cheap, but the club makes the track time you receive great value. The initial equipment costs can be quite high (car, preparation and personal safety equipment), but once bought the ongoing costs can be very reasonable. We have members who race on a shoestring and may only compete in one or two rounds a year, sleeping in their car/tent/van with no testing time, whilst other members stay in hotels and have a race team to look after them. We embrace every type of racer, as long as they are here to have fun.
The cheapest way of racing with us is to share a car with a friend and so halving the costs. Choose the CSCC race meetings which take place nearest to you, drive your road legal car to the circuit, qualify and race and drive home again afterwards on the same day (or stay overnight if you prefer)! Doing this may cost each driver as little as £250 per event even taking into account the race entry fee, petrol, a certain amount of normal wear and a bacon roll or two. Your costs with us amount to club membership, series/car registration and then a race entry fee.

What makes the Classic Sports Car Club different from other racing clubs?
The Classic Sports Car Club organises friendly club racing with an emphasis on great value for money and high driving standards. We drive at the best circuits in the UK and abroad. Our Committee is made up of experienced racers and officials and ensures that we provide our club members with the best possible racing experience at sensible costs. We only run Series, rather than Championships, where each round is an individual event with no points, making the racing slightly less serious (but no less competitive) and no pressure to have to compete in every round. The CSCC actively enforces strictly enforced driving standards: no-one wants to spend money on panel repairs. The club is beginner friendly, with a new driver ‘buddy’ system to help you through your first race meeting and over a hundred novice drivers who started their racing hobby with us.

With the exception of the Special Saloons and Modsports Series we have longer 40 minute or one hour races with a mandatory pit stop and 30 minute qualifying/practice sessions on the same day. Entries may be either single drivers, two drivers sharing a single car or a two car team (all at the same race entry fee). An overall winners penalty helps reduce the likelihood of the same car dominating at every round. Our Series have simple eligibility rules and freedom of choice when it comes to tyres (from the MSA list 1A, 1B or 1C) and some other modifications. We allow a “Taster” round where the registration fee will be waived for the first ever round with us.